The VC Box Launched: Accessible Venture Capital for the MENA Region

One of the most important and difficult challenges that a founder will face is securing funding for their startup. So often, founders are unsure about where to begin and what agreements are needed when approaching investors.  Similarly, first-time venture capitalists have the funds to invest but are often in need of greater clarity on the process and terms of investment.

With the belief that entrepreneurship is an ever more important engine of economic growth, The VC Box has the aim of unboxing venture capital for the MENA region by providing access to investment agreements with terms commonly used in local venture financings. Unlike other platforms that offer boilerplate agreements, The VC Box offers users the chance to tailor their agreements with a document generator. The VC Box also aims to serve as a knowledge hub for anyone looking to gain more information on the latest insights and trends in venture deals.

The VC Box offers users cost-free access to a range of investment agreements and additional resources for continued development, including:

• News and insights

• A glossary of VC terms

• Tailored document generator

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The newly launched platform has been developed by venture capital lawyers at Hammad & Al-Mehdar, who have collectively represented clients on hundreds of venture financings. The law firm is a pioneer in legal services for venture capital in the MENA region, having catered to startups and institutional investors alike since 2016. 

As a party to a venture capital deal, you want to ensure that you make the right choices, and this requires a great deal of attention to the transaction documents memorializing the deal. For instance, a shareholders’ agreement sets out various provisions including but not limited to, the rights of the investors, details with respect to the governance of the company, and other rights and obligations of the parties. It is important that you understand what these terms signify and how they impact your company as a startup or your investment as an investor. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for funds to grow your startup or an investor with funds looking for the next best idea with great potential for a return on your investment, The VC Box invites you to take advantage of the many great resources it offers.

Unbox venture capital with The VC Box

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