Ureed Launches First Online Course Through Ureed Academy

Ureed, an online editorial marketplace connecting employers with freelance linguists, just launched its very first massive open online course (MOOC) through its e-learning platform, Ureed Academy.


The MOOC course, in partnership with the University of Saint Joseph, is designed for the 21st century translator, and covers topics such as reading and analyzing source text, translation strategies, translation technologies, and common translation mistakes to avoid. Beneficial to content creators as well, the e-learning platform is dedicated to bridging the gap between education and skill development in hopes of raising the bar when it comes to both producing quality content and translation and to utilizing the Arabic language.


In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, and in a workforce that is rapidly changing, market employable skills are in high demand. While many workers employed by bigger companies are introduced to new ideas, skills, and technologies as part of job orientation and in company-mandated training throughout their careers, entrepreneurs and freelancers are responsible for refreshing their knowledge and for developing this skillset on their own.


Building upon many aspiring freelancers’ drive and motivation for professional success, Ureed aims to foster a learning ecosystem within its platform that empowers all interested freelancers by providing them with the tools necessary to advance their careers.


Individuals and businesses are finding ways to invest in themselves and to acquire the most sought-after market skills and competencies in order to optimize operations. Technological advances are inevitably accompanied by an increase in the amount of online content and, consequently, in the demand for content creators and translators. Ureed Academy offers accredited online certifications by providing unparalleled learning models and equipping its students with skills that will distinguish them from their competition.


Founder and CEO of Ureed, Nour Al Hassan, encourages this type of forward-thinking and emphasizes the importance of creating a continued learning environment, stating “…we’re excited to announced the Ureed Academy, a place for freelancers and content creators to learn new skills and bridge the gap in localized content. This series of online courses has been nearly a year in the making, and we believe it will be a game changer in the regional marketplace.”


Graduates of Ureed Academy courses not only possess the skills and knowledge necessary to compete against top contenders, but with the right work ethic and drive, they can also qualify for promotions and a higher income.


Online learning is increasingly becoming more popular than traditional educational settings, as it offers flexibility, variety, and affordability. The Ureed Academy is currently offering a 40% promotion on their first online course, and it’s available for only 21 USD if you click here.


Education offers empowerment and paves the road to success. As the job market continues to advance, finding the right tools can help set individuals and businesses apart, and pave the way for competition at a higher level.