University of Dubai and Krypto Labs accelerate student startups on-campus


The innovation hub aims to grow the next generation of all-rounded leaders who are equipped with the transferable skills for the 21st century

The University of Dubai and Krypto Labs have announced the launch of an innovation hub open for students, alumni, professors, and the community to develop their entrepreneurial skills and catalyze the growth of startups from within the university campus.

The innovation hub aims to grow the next generation of all-rounded leaders who are equipped with the transferable skills for the 21st century, and who are capable of strengthening the UAE's global position for rising technologies in line with the UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

In accordance with its vision, the hub also seeks to promote entrepreneurship within the student community by having an on-site center that offers students with the facilities and support they need to build scalable and groundbreaking startups. Krypto Labs will operate the innovation hub, provide one-on-one mentorship for aspiring startups, and conduct innovation and entrepreneurship programs, including workshops on technology, business strategy, and more, in efforts to contribute to fostering a knowledge-based economy.

Dr. Eesa Bastaki, President of the University of Dubai, congratulated the team behind this successful event and said, “The University of Dubai is determined to give its community an investment opportunity in innovation, business and entrepreneurship.” He emphasized, “No nation can rise without innovation and advanced technology.”

Professor Wathiq Mansour, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation FZ at the University of Dubai (UD) commented, “The launching of the Krypto Labs Innovation Hub at UD campus is another great opportunity for our students and stakeholders to experience innovation and lead entrepreneurship programs in Dubai and UAE.” He added, “This hub will connect innovators with investors and build-up a real business incubation for our students who are determined to contribute to this great country by inventing locally and selling globally.”

Dr. Saleh Al Hashemi, Managing Director of Krypto Labs, highlighted the importance of innovation hubs to operate from academic spaces, stressing that education is the core of a knowledge-based society. He noted, “The role of academia in our transition towards an ideation-based and knowledge-based society cannot be undermined. Recognizing this, we are delighted to partner with the University of Dubai and operate on-campus, to empower students and encourage entrepreneurship amongst youth, in alignment with the UAE Vision 2021 and the UAE Centennial 2071 Plan.”

He added, “One of the pillars of the UAE Vision 2021 calls for fostering a competitive knowledge economy, and the youth carry the potential to build solutions that can multiply its impact on a large scale. Our role is to facilitate this and provide young entrepreneurs with the support they need to transform their original ideas into real scalable solutions.”

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