Uber now in partnership with Egypt's Dryve

By: Startup Scene


SOURCE: Startup Scene - Uber now in partnership with Egypt's Dryve

Egypt's Dryve, the first peer-to-peer car sharing platform in the Middle East, just announced that it has partnered with Uber Egypt toenable those who wish to drive for Uber with access to vehicles using technology. The partnership is another step towards Uber’s ongoing efforts to support drivers by removing barriers to entry, and enabling Egyptians to better access the economic benefits of flexible work through the Uber app.

“Our partnership with Dryve represents our mutual commitment to innovate to ensure drivers and vehicle owners are supported and empowered by technology, and can supplement their incomes seamlessly with part-time work," says Head of Uber Egypt, Ahmad Hammouda. "Our statistics show that the Egyptian market needs more flexible work opportunities with the fewest possible barriers to entry, as part-timers currently contribute to 70 percent of active drivers base. Connecting drivers to vehicles for short term rentals is a further step towards our goal to make the economic empowerment provided by the ride-sharing industry more accessible.”

Dryve aims to revolutionise the rental car market in Egypt, a market that is currently fragmented with more than 75 percent of the transactions taking place in the informal economy. The Dryve app allows car owners to rent out their vehicles that would otherwise be unused, contributing to Uber’s goal of complementing the existing transportation network in Egypt with the aim to further reduce congestion in cities where there is an overabundance of unused parked cars clogging the streets.

"This mutually beneficial partnership enables Dryve to tap into Uber's massive pool of demand, while in turn providing an innovative solution to address the challenge of drivers’ accessing vehicles by unlocking a vast and uncharted market,” says Gamal Aboul Enein, CEO and Co-Founder of Dryve.  

Source: startupscene.me