Trteeb secures $150K investment

The Innovative Startups and SMEs Fund (ISSF) - a Jordan-based investment fund - has announced a direct investment of $150K in Trteeb, a startup based in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The investment, which was made in January 2021, underlines the strategy of the ISSF to support 150-200 local innovation companies through direct and indirect investments (the latter in investment funds) and build the capacities of 825 entrepreneurs and SMEs through specialized training to qualify them for prospective investments.

Trteeb leverages advanced technologies to provide an online platform specializing in tailoring traditional Arab garments by connecting customers to tailors, consequently stimulating market performance and positively impacting all involved parties. The platform presents customers with the option to either choose from a selection of available fabrics and designs or customize their thobes to suit their diverse preferences, alongside easy and convenient measuring methods to ensure ultimate comfort and satisfaction.


ISSF CEO, Laith Al Qasem commented “Since our founding in 2017, we have been placing special focus on promising innovative startups that utilize technology to support different local markets, and Trteeb is a prime example of such a company. Through this investment, we are looking to accelerate the growth of Ttrteeb’s operations both locally and regionally, as well as empower its highly talented team, in order to ultimately advance the national economy and achieve the development and prosperity we aspire towards.”

Trteeb Co-Founder, Sultan Basyoni added “We have been in contact with the ISSF from the outset and ever since, their expert team has guided Trteeb and other startups within the ecosystem in tackling and overcoming critical challenges, consequently adding great value and saving us time and effort. This investment, which underscores the ISSF’s steadfast commitment to supporting and enabling Jordanian tech companies to succeed, will be used to sustain the development of our employees and products both inside and outside the Kingdom."

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