TRA Innovation Camp Attracts 2800 Students

In 2015, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) launched the ‘TRA Innovation Camp’ for UAE students, aiming to nurture their personality, leadership and life skills. The technical aspects of modern innovations, robotics, mobile applications, safe use of Internet and various information technology tidbits were all instructed to students through activities that were held in the first year of the camp. It helped students enhance their creativity and learn finance management, health nutrition, leadership and tower building through the variety of offered courses.

This year, the TRA Innovation Camp attracted 2800 participants from all over Dubai with a distinct set of goals and activities. Realizing its importance, the TRA Director-General, Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori stated, “The TRA Innovation Camp reflects TRA’s role in social responsibility and its belief that real development begins and ends with humans. Focusing on the UAE’s young generation is a priority in terms of enhancing Al culture and innovation among students in various fields, in general, and in ICT, in particular.”

Al Mansoori also added, “We are proud of the results achieved in this year’s edition of TRA Innovation Camp, in terms of enabling a national generation capable of leading the future, to achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership and the UAE Vision 2021 in transitioning to a knowledge-based economy by encouraging innovation, AI and big data and by instilling the culture of entrepreneurship and the IoT.”

Keeping in view the significance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution which embarks new ventures of jobs, skills and entrepreneurships in future, this year, the camp particularly stressed on three main tracks:  Al and data science, Robotics and IoT, digital innovation and entrepreneurship in Information Technology. These tracks reflect a vivid image of what major transformations the future holds in field of science and technology.

The camp management has organized activities for youngsters in accordance to the UAE’s directions in ICT sector. These activities focused on promoting the culture of artificial intelligence and data science to open the doors of entrepreneurship for the youth so that they can identify innovative solutions and interests to shape their future accordingly.