Top Arab Women Entrepreneurs Making Waves

By Amany Zaher / Forbes Middle East - Image Credit: Forbes ME


SOURCE: Forbes Middle East - Top Arab Women Entrepreneurs Making Waves

Arab women are tapping startups across the Arab world. Some of them succeeded to establish their own startups, while others along with co-founders start their business. Forbes Middle East reveals the top Arab women entrepreneurs making waves through their startups. The list is extracted from our list of Top 100 Startups in The Arab World 2017.

The list features women of Arab origin and based in the Middle East. For the list we considered those startups that have championed the most innovative ideas and received the most external funding last year.

These Arab women entrepreneurs succeeded in gathering funding worth more than $72.8 million in 2017. Palestinian women dominate the list with 30.8%, followed by Jordanian and Egyptian with 23.1% each and Lebanese with 15.4%.

Joy Ajlouny co-founder of Fetchr, tops the list securing highest external funding of $52 million for her startup that is based on the GPS shipping. Co-founders of Mumzworld, Mona Ataya, and Leena Khalil take the second place on the list, followed by Mona Haddad, founder of AppMahal, who raised $4.3 million for her social media application developing startup.

Most of the startups are in the services sectors including shipping, shopping, social media development, moving and home services and personal help.