Three UAE Startups Bag A Cool Million Dirhams Under Dubai’s Expo 2020 Initiative

SOURCE: Inc. Arabia - Three UAE Startups Bag A Cool Million Dirhams Under Dubai’s Expo 2020 Initiative

Three UAE-based startups—Smart Labour, International Center for Biosaline Agriculture and Ver2 Digital Medicine—have received funding worth Dhs1 million each through Expo Live, the innovation program of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Smart Labour is a digital learning platform designed for blue-collar workers and laborers. The app helps workers by teaching them life skills like reading and writing in their languages and offering prizes like food and shopping vouchers.

It also has a service where users can report health and safety incidents at work.

There are 2.2 million blue-collar workers in the UAE and about 16.5 million workers in the Middle East, said Smart Labour founder Abu Muadh.

Most of them are not connected to the smart world and are only using technology for entertainment purposes, Muadh said.

Another startup that raised funds was International Center for Biosaline Agriculture, which is a Dubai-based, non-profit research center. It develops agricultural production systems using limited land and water resources which are available in desert environments.

The grant from Expo Live will help it support the development of inland and coastal modular farms in the UAE.

The third startup is Ver2 Digital Medicine, which is an eHealth services platform that uses connectivity to solve challenges in the healthcare space.

The grant will help Ver2 Digital Medicine support the development of an innovative medical education model that is being replicated across Africa.

When it comes to having access thigh-quality medical education, there is an unfortunate global supply demand imbalance, said Ver2 CEO Brian de Francesca.

Ver2 aims to provide access to high quality medical knowledge to everyone, all of the time, everywhere, Francesca added.

Expo Live, which was launched in January under Dubai’s Expo 2020 initiative, has a fund worth $100 million (Dhs367 million), which will be used to support projects that offer creative solutions to improve people’s lives.