Welcome Africa: The Sub-Saharan Addition

We are pleased to share with you that MAGNiTT is now tracking venture capital and startup activity across Sub-Saharan Africa.

As the go-to data platform for Emerging Venture Markets, we believe this region has continuously been gathering momentum and has reached a point where it can longer be overlooked. 

To that effect, scroll down to get an overview of and deep-dive into the data we have gathered thus far on the region.

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Discover SSA Startups

Get access to data on more than 2,500 startups from Sub-Saharan Africa, to learn more about the ventures that are gradually putting the regional ecosystem on the venture capital map.





Check out SSA Startup Investors 

We've gathered data on over 450 investors in Sub-Saharan African startups, which you can check out to find out who is financially empowering the region's startups.






Learn about SSA Funding Rounds

Find out which startups have been successful in the game of fundraising, by getting data on more than 1,300 Sub-Saharan African startup funding rounds.






Access SSA Startup Exit Data 

With data on more than 20 startup exits available on MAGNiTT, pertaining to the Sub-Saharan African ecosystem, find out a bit more about the startups that have successfully completed their journeys.





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