The Cairo Angels launches its fundraising consultancy arm for startups and partners with Microsoft Africa

The Cairo Angels is delighted to announce the launch of its fund-raising consultancy for early and growth-stage startups operating in the Middle East and African regions.

The consultancy services will provide startups with high-value advice and support with the ins and outs of the fundraising process, including building financial models, preparing a detailed financial plan, formulating strategy and drafting a strategic direction memo, pitch preparation and delivery training, investor outreach and assessment and negotiating and finalizing terms with investors.

The Cairo Angels is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Microsoft through the 4Afrika Initiative to provide unique fundraising consultancy services to five amazing startups selected by Microsoft located in Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Pakistan operating in diverse sectors such as Oil and Gas, FinTech and HealthTech. The pilot program is well underway and already demonstrating great results.

Aly El Shalakany, Chairman of The Cairo Angels, said: “We are very excited with the launch of our consultancy arm to continue supporting early-stage startups with their journey. We are always looking to bring something new to the market and we are confident that by combining our years of experience as investors and leveraging our global network of investment partners, we can provide a unique and compelling solution for startups. We could not have found a better partner than Microsoft to successfully pilot this and we are deeply grateful for their support. Our objective is to apply our expertise to take the pain out of fundraising and give founders more time to focus on what they do best: building great businesses that will change the world.”

“African startups have the potential to address many pressing economic and social needs. At Microsoft, we believe that empowering startups with funding and solutions can engender meaningful change, both for those startups and for their communities and countries. We are excited to partner with Cairo Angels and to contribute our technological expertise, platforms, and solutions to this process,” said Muhammad Nabil, Head of Partners & Startups Development, Microsoft 4Afrika.

The Lebanese startup ecosystem saw an increase of 18% in startup deals between 2018 and 2019, with 45 deals taking place. While the number of investments has gone up, the majority of these involve Early-Stage companies. Discover more details in our 2019 Lebanon Venture Investment Report.