The app that connects the fashion, fitness and beauty industry

In an ever-changing industry that redefines the modern landscape of style, creativity and talent, comes a startup that aims to connect key players to build a worldwide community. Introducing – the networking and community app that connects Models, Photographers, Make-up Artists and Designers in fashion, fitness and beauty.

With the likes of Facebook and Instagram dominating the social app scene – it seems that everyone is a self-proclaimed model, makeup-artist, photographer or designer today. Model Unity aims to break through that noise and build a curated community of talents and professionals in the industry, around the world, through their app.

Build better profiles
Create a profile that is built for self-promotion and professional networking within the fashion, fitness and beauty industry. The perfect page for members to introduce themselves and share links to their channels.

Build better connections
The community is built around an invite-only and request to join policy, with users reviewed against the minimum requirements, before being approved. It’s quality over quantity – ensuring that members can enjoy a better experience and make credible and worthwhile connections.

Connect with members by profession and location
The app connects members based on different filters, including profession (Model, Photographer, Make-Up Artist, Fashion Designer, Writer/Journalist and Casting Agent) and geographical location. The benefit being that members can connect with others based on their interests or based on where they travel to around the world.

Share latest works with the industry
Members can share their latest works through different media, including articles, photos, videos and links – with it being viewed, commented and shared by members in the industry.

Discover more credible opportunities
Members can post their latest job opportunities, or requirements for shoots and campaigns, within the community- reaching a curated network of models, photographers, make-up artists and designers.

Follow topics that matter most
The app integrates topics (like channels, or tags) that members can follow to stay updated on the latest posts that matter most to them.

Build and grow Circles
Circles are private groups within the community, that are built according to cities around the world and shared interests. Members can invite others into their circles and create their own topics and space for connecting.

Ask questions and get answers from the network
In addition to articles, photos, videos and links – members can post questions and polls to get quick feedback and advice from the network and their connections.

Learn new skills through online courses from members
Established and successful members in the industry can share their tips, tricks, and advice to the community – through free or paid online courses. Even those just starting out can learn and grow through the Model Unity network.

Exclusive invitation to events
Model Unity plans to host, and partner with other brands to co-host events with exclusive invitations for its members – ranging from networking dinners to VIP access events within the industry.

The founder and CEO of Model Unity, Inc. – Rushe, stated: “We started with the idea of networking in the fashion industry by connecting models, but we found that there were other key players who formed part of the equation. So if we’re going to build something for this industry – then we’re going to build it to connect everyone.”

He further added: “We’ve used Facebook and Instagram, and even a few other websites, in an effort to find talents in the industry – but this audience is a niche segment of users on these platforms. We want to build something that is dedicated to, made for, and trusted by them.”

Based on recent years, it is not unpopular for a tech startup to enter a non-tech industry and revolutionize the way it operates (take Uber, and AirBnB for example). Model Unity aims to fit that vision and revolutionize the way in which members in the fashion, fitness and beauty industry connect, collaborate, and shoot.

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