The app that allows you to boost your resume with the articles you read online is finally here

In a world where our eyes are glued to screens, learning online has become part of our daily routine. The question remains, why are our resumes still stuck in an era where the education section mentions nothing but our degrees.

Where does all the exposure to online content go? What about all the articles that a person reads. Why do we restrict the education we have to three or a few more years of formal learning? What about all the learning we do daily in fields outside the degree that we pursued, and all the value it adds to our insight and mind?

And most importantly, why do you virtually never get asked in an interview about how well read you are? Isn’t all that we seem to hear about lately: the importance of being well-rounded and hungry for keeping up with the change and news, in a fast-changing world?

Kluly, a platform launched in early 2019 aims to solve exactly for that, by allowing users to add the knowledge they get from online learning to their resume, all while keeping in mind the importance of motivating us to keep up with a daily dose of learning, and the quality of the content that we seek.


A life with better opportunities:

“We don’t have a content problem, we have a motivation problem; and that’s why you still see that lifelong learning is tagged to the “intellectuals”, says Nancy Mourad, founder of Kluly.

But we can’t afford that anymore, we need a system that motivates us to stay up to date, and gives us the same kind of reason of why we pursued a one-time education to start with, and that being better life opportunities: higher chances at landing a good job, being noticed by a senior at work, or simply having better chances in our social and personal life due to more fulfilling conversations. Imagine the elevated levels of discussions you start getting in societies and companies where many more people have the right incentive to read and learn a bit more.”, adds Mourad.


How does the world’s first news’ reading validation and gamification tracker work?

The team behind Kluly has worked for nearly 3 years in stealth mode to build the app, which is today on the AppStore (with an Android waiting list on the company's website). The app allows users to get access to articles from the most trusted publishers, a feature that some of its existing users are already finding “too good it can replace all other news apps out there”, to get scored upon reading each article, and start building their profile of topics they read about. Users can also bring content from outside of Kluly.

“We have built a very solid AI engine that validates how well you read an article, to give you points for each article; so, if you read an article about Donald Trump, you get those points towards the topic of the US, as well as Politics”. The app also boosts the social gamification concept as the key engagement feature, allowing each user to follow their colleagues or friends, to see what they read in real-time.


A Resume 2.0 vision of the future:

In its unique reading validation feature, Kluly is as such the first platform of its kind to allow consumers to aggregate the knowledge they get from articles in a “topics analytics” format and help them leverage it not just for personal growth, but also for their professional identity.

With employers like Google, IBM, Apple, and EY starting to look outside of college degrees to assess talent, focusing instead on the attitude of a person to be hungry to always learn more, the resume as we know it seems to be ready for disruption. Kluly might be in just in time.

You can download Kluly on the following link: