Tenmou Unveils its New Investment Strategy

Tenmou, Bahrain’s first ‘Business Angels’ company, recently revamped its strategic direction and investment strategy to accelerate the growth of start-ups and positively impact the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bahrain.

Chief Executive Officer of Tenmou, Mr. Nawaf Al Koheji, revealed, “Our efforts remain focused on launching additional success stories and creating a truly collaborative environment and strengthening the existing start-up ecosystem by creating more synergy. We have opened up applications for funding and are specifically seeking pre-seed and seed start-ups; innovative Bahrain-based entrepreneurs and start-ups that have reached the right stage of viability in their business can apply now through Tenmou’s website”

“We also plan to launch additional programs and initiatives in the near future in order to further support the ecosystem and drive early stage investments, this comes in line with our renewed investment strategy and overall strategic vision of the Company,” he added.

To support Tenmou’s aggressive and newly established investment growth strategy, the team has steadily expanded under the CEO’s leadership restructuring its team and rebranding the Company in order to reflect Tenmou’s position as a leader in the start-up ecosystem and its vision of driving and facilitating a better flow of investments using a more streamlined approach.

Commenting on the new brand, Mr. Nawaf Al Koheji revealed, “We have just unveiled a fresh new brand identity for Tenmou, which better reflects our journey as a Company” he added.

In addition, Tenmou has series of activities and initiatives in the pipeline to not only support and fund start-ups, but to create a community and network that fosters and facilitates partnerships, encourage an increased flow of investment, as well as create more fruitful opportunities within the entrepreneurial ecosystem itself.

To find out more information, email info@tenmou.me, follow the Instagram account on social media @tenmoubh or visit Tenmou’s website https://tenmou.me/

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