Tabib Baghdad raises six-figure Seed funding round

Tabib Baghdad, an online platform that connects Iraqi patients to doctors has announced a six-figure Seed funding round through the recently launched Iraqi Angel Investors Network, led by KAPITA and Nass Al Iraq.

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In addition, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH with its project “ICT for Youth in Iraq” matched a grant of $20K towards this round, as part of its support to the Angel Network and the Iraqi startup ecosystem.

Tabib Baghdad was established in 2018 and the platform is available as an app and a website. The company started its operations in Baghdad and they plan to cover the rest of Iraq in the coming year. Today, Tabib Baghdad has more than 300 doctors on the platform and they have facilitated more than a thousand bookings. The platform is focused on creating trust between patients and doctors through its review system, which allows users to rate their booking experience after each visit.

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Dr. Ali Alkhazaj, Founder of Tabib Baghdad commented, ‘’We estimate that there are more than twenty thousand doctors in Iraq today, but most patients are finding their doctors through word of mouth. Tabib Baghdad will allow patients to find a doctor they can trust. COVID-19 has highlighted the potential of telemedicine in Iraq and this is an area that we are keeping a close eye on.

“With the funding in place, we are looking to optimize our backend technology to make the experience of our patients and doctors more seamless."

Tabib Baghdad has graduated recently from ScaleUp Academy, the accelerator program run by KAPITA where the company received extensive training in preparation for its fundraising process.

Mujahid Waisi, CEO of Kapita, said, “We are very happy to see the progress that Tabib Baghdad has made, from joining the ScaleUp Academy to raising its first round. Kapita remains committed to supporting founders across their startups’ lifecycle’’.

Bahaaddin Salim, CEO of Nass Al Iraq, added, “We see a great potential to disrupt and address the Healthcare sector in Iraq through technology. We believe that Tabib Baghdad has all the right fundamentals to address this potential”. Nass Al Iraq is a holding company that uses innovation, modern management, and digital transformation to transform businesses.

Ali Al Suhail, the manager of the Iraqi Angel Investors Network further commented, “The Healthcare sector in Iraq remains underserved and is being severely challenged by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Investors see the potential of startups addressing those challenges and we expect to see more investments coming into this sector’’.

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