STO Search & Filter Partners with SWARM to Facilitate Development of STACKS Investment Marketplace for Launch under ADGM Jurisdiction

Security Token Listing Website Announces Development of Tokenized Investment Marketplace STACKS utilizing SWARM’s Digital Securities Infrastructure with plans to launch under compliance of Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM) regulations.

STO Search & Filter announced today that it has entered into a partnership with SWARM, the creators of the leading open infrastructure of digital securities. This partnership leverages the support and technology provided by SWARM to develop the STACKS Investment Marketplace. This partnership marks another milestone towards STO Search & Filter and SWARM’s goal to increase awareness and adoption of digital securities.

The vision for STACKS is to create an easy to browse website where people can learn about up and coming tokenized investment offerings and directly contribute with crypto and fiat currencies. STACKS integrates SWARM’s technology to make the security token investing process as easy as online shopping, catering to the mass market with integrated investment offerings from leading regulated primary issuance providers.

Sam Choksi, Founder of STO Search & Filter & Managing Director of STACKS, said, “It’s an absolute pleasure to recognize, support, and develop on the work SWARM has done. Their digital securities infrastructure coincides with the toolkit we require to build the STACKS marketplace. SWARM’s work includes customizable KYC gateways, user management certificates, fundraising contribution portals amongst other developments in the pipeline”

SWARM Co-Founder & Council Member, Philipp Pieper added, “The STO Search & Filter team shares our mission of increasing access and reducing the barriers to investing. We’re excited that they will be integrating our infrastructure into STACKS, and look forward to a long partnership that helps investors worldwide participate in this marketplace.”

The STACKS Investment Marketplace plans to raise a minimum of $2,000,000 through private equity & venture capital to deploy regulated tokenized investment products from Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) jurisdiction to regional and worldwide investors.

This execution calls to incorporate ecosystem partners such as: primary security token issuers, venture capitalists, institutional investors, regulatory agencies, legal partners and secondary trading platforms.

“The intention is to deploy a globally scalable investment marketplace and the launch under ADGM jurisdiction is a perfect fit for our roadmap and business model. This is a new & emerging sector which over time can draw in tens of millions of users globally investing hundreds of millions of dollars. We encourage businesses interested in participating in STACKS to contact us regarding their specific roles. There is space for everyone to succeed.” adds STACKS Managing Director, Sam Choksi.

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