Startups, spark of hope for Iran’s entrepreneurship ecosystem

By Setareh Behroozi


SOURCE: Tehran Times - Startups, spark of hope for Iran’s entrepreneurship ecosystem

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI) report released by the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (The GEDI Institute) in January 2018, Iran ranks 72 amongst 137 countries in 2017 and had a 27% improvement in comparison with 2016.

Iran saw overall score improvements of more than four points over the previous GEI, and is among the top ten biggest gains in score globally for the GEI 2018.

According to the report, ‘startup skill’ is Iran’s strongest area and ‘risk acceptance’ is its weakest. 

Bureaucratic incompetence, unstable domestic market and state-run organization inefficacy are considered as main obstacles for entrepreneurs in Iran, however, with the emergence of startups in Iran, the entrepreneurship ecosystem experience a new form and method.

Startups, as entrepreneurial ventures which are typically newly emerged businesses, open new windows to young entrepreneurs to increase their chance in the market.

By claiming their market share, they can develop job creation and more people are involved in their business.

Maybe this is the way, which leads to encourage privatization and to encourage private sector to play its role in national economy.

Although direct support and shareholding of state-run organization and government would definitely harm entrepreneurship ecosystem, one cannot undermine the role of government to provide infrastructure and to facilitate their presence at the market.