Startup of the Week - Multimedia Factory

"Multimedia Factory, offering 'gamification' solutions to corporate and financial worlds"

Every week we will be featuring a different MAGNiTT Startup in our newsletter. Week after week, we will be exploring the most noteworthy startups in the MENA region whether in tech, trade, or even lifestyle. We hope that learning about other startups will help you with your own endeavour; our purpose is to help you succeed too. To kick off the series we have reached out to Multimedia Factory (check their profile at the following link)

1. What problem do you solve?

Multimedia Factory aims to make corporate training more fun through the use of gamification techniques on its e-learning courses. The game experience is proven to enhance retention, improve results and ensure engagement with the learning material.

2. Who are you competing with and what makes your solution better?

There are many global players in the e-learning sphere including SkillSoft, Intuition, etc.


3. What were the biggest hurdles you faced early on and how did you overcome them?

Pursuing new customers in new geographies / Increase overall subscription numbers / wider exposure and publicity.


4. What is your biggest barrier to future success?


5. How do you plan to make money?


6. What advice would you share with other start-ups?


7. Is there a particular service provider you would recommend to other start-ups?


8. Did you discover and use an online tool that is a “must-have” for start-ups?