Startup struggles 101: A MAGNiTT handbook for MENA founders

We know how difficult it is being a founder and gathering the needful with accuracy and ease. Researching, sourcing funding, scaling, all while running your company can be a hectic time.

After some feedback from our MAGNiTT audience, we’ve compiled a comprehensive handbook of resources to help ease your struggles and support you throughout your journey! Below you will find 8 links to all of your startup needs, and if there is an area that you’d like for us to add, please feel free to get in touch and let us know - we’d be more than happy to help!

Create a profile and apply to investors:

It all starts with creating a profile on MAGNiTT and taking off from there! Here we show you how to create your profile, which can get you access to 80+ investor applications, allow you to do your due diligence on investors, scour your competition, and more!

Create a perfect pitch deck:

One of the greatest challenges, when you’re finally ready to head to an investor is asking, how do I create a perfect pitch deck and win the investors over? Investors look at hundreds of pitch decks a week, and at that volume, you can imagine that even minor mistakes could easily be a turn-off. But we've got you covered! Discover how to create the best deck possible with this comprehensive guide.

3 hacks to being a more effective founder:

We’ve provided you with all of the tools you need to source competition, build your business development pipeline, and discover who is investing in your industry. We’ve cut down on some of the pain of the due diligence so that you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

Direct advice from investors:

We reached out to investors for advice, so you don’t have to! We’ve compiled a list of tips and suggestions from our active investors. Hear what they have to say to their own portfolio companies to get an idea of their viewpoints on the ecosystem.

MENA’s most active investors and accelerators:

Want to learn more about which investors are the most active in the region at the moment and pinpoint those that you should do more research on for funding or outreach purposes? Check out an overview of the most active funds and accelerators in H1 2020. 

Legal for fundraising startups:

Fundraising soon and don’t know where to start? Watch this quick 30-minute webinar that highlights questions from the perspective of the fundraising founder who is currently raising or is in an early-stage funding round for their startup. 

PR crash course:

We share hacks, tips & DIY PR for early-stage tech startups in MENA. From planning, implementing, and tracking effective PR campaigns. The main takeaway is the importance of knowing why you’re doing PR.

Sourcing the best talent for your startup:

Hiring the right candidates for your startup is crucial and plays a major role in forming the brand image and principles. It can sometimes be unaffordable to hire yet it could be just what you need. We list some tips on sourcing the best talent and finding the perfect match!

Have any questions or need any further support for your startup struggles? Contact us and view our Helpdesk to navigate easily through MAGNiTT and all of our tools.

We know that fundraising for your startup can be challenging, and we want to help! We recently created our $49 Fundraiser subscription for founders like you to identify investors, track competitors, and to do due diligence on funders. Find out more and sign up for our fundraiser subscription.

If you would like to upgrade, we have also launched a new Scouter Subscription at $399 per month. This package is designed for more established startups that are fundraising and also as a tool for business developers to identify new customers.