becomes the first to offer same-day delivery in Saudi Arabia

The e-commerce trade bars have been raised higher as steps forward by offering same-day delivery service in Saudi Arabia.

Souq has become the first e-commerce company in the country to offer such a practical service. Currently, only the citizens of Riyadh and Jeddah are poised to benefit from the Fulfilled by Souq (FBS) products.

Saleem Hammad, General Manager of’s Kingdom of Saudi Arabia chapter has expressed his confidence in the move and stressed that the focus of his company is making it ever more convenient for the customer to purchase products online and have them delivered at their doorsteps at the earliest. The only caveat associated with the offering is that the customers will have to order the product(s) before noon to ensure the company has sufficient time to prepare and dispatch products.

As the e-commerce industry peaks in the region, this announcement from cuts at the heart of the rapid development that the industry has been undergoing in recent years.

Hammad claimed that by allowing the customers to have their products delivered in the same-day, his company was allowing the buyers to choose from a large assortment of products and categories at the quickest turnaround. The recent quirk of the company is duly complemented by the UI/UX focused mobile and web application of the company that confers ease of use and reliability to the customers who wish to purchase the products.

Many small and medium sized businesses are expected to profit from the same-day delivery policy of Amr Abdul-Aziz, one such entrepreneur and owner of Derma.KSA1 highlighted that same-day delivery means that now he can guarantee enhanced services to his customers which will incentivise them to order products faster, enabling him to manage his inventory better.

In a fast-paced world where customers are more aware of globalization than ever, state of the art technologies/products/services are quickly adopted by countries. The move by definitely complements the path of innovation and can be regarded as an insightful strategy that is going to attract many customers to its services, consequently raising the level of competition and pushing other e-commerce companies operating in the region to expedite the process of developing an organic e-commerce industry in the region.