Jeddah-Based Startup Smart Washr Raises Late-SEED Funding Round

Saudi Arabian startup Smart Washr announced on the 5th of May that they had received a Late-SEED funding round from You Reek'a Ideas Inc. and Horizon Light Investments. 

Smart Washr is an on-demand laundry service that allows you to get your laundry cleaned whenever and wherever. Founded in 2017 by Suhail Jabir, Adeel Qureshi, Abdulaziz AlAbdullah and Majid Abdulelah, the company differentiates from their competitors by ensuring "Easy Booking, Quick Pickup, Deliver Anywhere, Quality Guarantee". 

Suhail Jabir, CEO of Smart Washr, expressed his feeling on the investment: "it gives us the chance to go from doing good to doing great", he told MAGNiTT. 

With their late-seed round closed, the team explained that they will be looking to begin multiple marketing campaigns to spread awareness on what Smart Washr actually does, "how they're smarter, the better option, and the safest bet for anybody looking for a reliable and quick way to do their washing." 
The investment will also be used to increase their daily intake capacity, by adding additional drivers and developers in order to begin scaling the product in preparation for their Series A round. 
Speaking about the company's vision for the future, Jabir added "Our vision is to set the standard for laundry services in the Kingdom through setting the bar high on the specifications they abide by. Partner laundries will be monitored by special devices we're developing that will gauge multiple hygiene factors such as toxicity and freshness of the water, as well the methods used in washing. On the consumer side we will continuously strive to add new features to our app to make like easier for the consumer as well as new ways of washing, be it organic detergents or extra care service for luxury items."