Six Kuwaiti startups pitch at Erada Business Incubator program held at ZINC

Kuwait – Zain and Erada Business Incubator have concluded their second pitch day at the Zain Innovation Center (ZINC) in Kuwait, marking the conclusion of the Erada Startup Program. This initiative sees aspiring entrepreneurs participate in workshops while developing their skills and learning how best to setup their businesses with the guidance of experts.

The initiative is aimed at building a thriving ecosystem for the startup community in Kuwait through private/public sector collaboration. Through the Program, aspiring entrepreneurs spend 60 hours in specialized workshops and numerous hours meeting individually with mentors to refine their ideas and commercial execution strategies.

Waleed Al Khashti, Zain Kuwait Chief Corporate Communications Officer commented, “Zain works tirelessly with industry partners such as Erada Business Incubator to deliver projects that support the Kuwait 2035 vision, empower young entrepreneurs, and give back to Kuwaiti society. Leading the development of a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem is important to us and we look forward to further successful collaborations with other incubators and promoters of this strategic ecosystem.”

Al-Khashti continued, “Holding such programs supports the development of ZINC and offers Zain a prime opportunity to capitalize on the most promising innovative ideas in the digital space in Kuwait and the region. Our aim is to invest in or partner with vetted entities to offer our customers unique, life-enriching services.”

During the pitch day, six aspiring business owners presented their projects to a panel of professionals from Zain, Erada Business Incubator, Tap Company, FTL Legal, and Seedsters, in addition to private investors.

The projects presented include innovative solutions in sport and fitness; shopping applications; educational products; tracking applications; as well as original gift products.

Talal Al-Ajeel, Co-Founder of Erada Business Incubator said, “We are very proud of this cohort and the amazing work they have done in developing their ideas. We look forward to seeing these businesses in the market soon.”