Shorooq Partners launch initiative to support Lebanese talent and startups

After witnessing the current state of Lebanon due to years of economic crisis, recently worsen tenfold by the explosion on 4 August 2020, the Middle East region as a whole has demonstrated incredible solidarity to support the country and its people. Inspired by this spirit of unity that very few parts of the world can offer, Shorooq Partners announces the launch of “شروق لبنان”; an initiative to support Lebanese talent and startups, to do its own part.

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Through this programme, Shorooq Partners aims to act as a catalyst that connects the sharpest minds and the most promising startups to the most conducive environment for them to flourish. For A+ talents this means an opportunity to get connected to the most innovative and successful startups in and outside of Shorooq’s Portfolio where they can develop their talents and help build the businesses of tomorrow. Whereas for Lebanese startups, the program offers support to expand their presence regionally in lucrative markets like UAE, KSA, or Bahrain.

Wendy Sfeir, a member of the Shorooq team commented, “Lebanon has always been a hub of innovation and top talent in the region, it is its most valuable asset that we must support and elevate at all cost and we are humbled to do our small part in providing support to Lebanon and its people."

Shorooq Partners are looking for talented individuals interested in being part of an entrepreneurial environment or those looking to relocate their startup to the UAE KSA, or Bahrain. 

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