Share your funding rounds on MAGNiTT to attract key ecosystem stakeholders to your profile

Whether you’re a startup or an investor, updating and maintaining your MAGNiTT profile is crucial not only for staying up-to-date on other ecosystem players, but for gaining recognition, traction, and familiarity amongst the venture space's key stakeholders on your particular startup or fund. 

By sharing your latest funding rounds on MAGNiTT, the more active you will appear and the more likely you are of attracting attention from potential investors, corporates, or startups (MAGNiTT currently hosts 17,000+ startup and 3,500+ investor, corporate, and enabler profiles).

Even if you are a startup that has not raised funds or a VC that does not have a portfolio company yet, updating your profile with your stage focus and priorities highlights your proactivity and will ensure that you get relevant eyes on your company and ecosystem stakeholders conducting research will be able to easily source you. 

Why you should update your funding rounds:

● For investors, updating your profile with the latest funding information allows startups to view what your portfolio currently looks like and how active you are in the ecosystem. 

● For startups, updating your funding information allows investors to gain interest in your offering, but also provides visibility on the latest rounds you’ve closed and what your plans are.

Discover all Funding Rounds in the region on MAGNiTT

Other important information to share on your profile:

● What your company does and why
● The problem you are trying to solve
● What users can expect from your offering or service
● Clear action plan of what you are working on 

When updating your MAGNiTT profile, all fields should be completed and keywords relevant to your VC or startup should be included to ensure that you index as high as possible on web search engines. 

Check out how to update your funding rounds on MAGNiTT by 18 March 2021 to ensure that your funding information is accounted for in MAGNiTT's Q1 report. 

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

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