Searchie CEO Sahiqa Bennett is selected from thousands globally, to represent the UAE in Canada – The Social Movement, Amazon Prime

There is a big movement going on right now, more and more people are trying to develop businesses which have an impact on humanity.

Sahiqa Bennett has been selected globally alongside 60 CEOs to feature in a docuseries titled “The Social Movement” for Amazon Prime and represent the UAE. This will be filmed in Montreal, Canada between 1st- 5th July 2019, it’s about working under pressure in teams, with the goal to change someone’s life in less than one week. No-one is told how at this stage, this will be set as a challenge. It will be released next year in 2020 as a 6 part series, just in time for Expo2020.

Chris Lavoie, the Executive Producer has been in touch with Sahiqa Bennett for the past few years, he films a new topic each year. She was asked to join the docuseries in the past, but the timing was never right. Building a company is never easy to escape from, however in January 2019 Chris called and said “You have to join because this year the topic is YOU!”. Once he explained the goal and purpose behind “The Social Movement” it made sense to participate, as it was a subject close to Sahiqas’ heart.

 She wants to build businesses which change lives and Searchie is a great example of that. By using AI to assess the individual, they are able to match on company culture and offer a new way of hiring and retaining talent. A job is life changing and she wants to help more people, if we use technology, we are able to scale fast. “My dream is to make sure companies hire those with potential and grit. More people need to get into work so they can survive and build their life. People are living on the streets, countries are in poverty, we need to help change that by connecting the world. Employers need to transform the way they hire and we are helping them reach a wider set of potential employees, I call it borderless hiring. I’m excited to be part of the Social Movement and I’m sure it’s going to be a tough and exciting week but I’m ready!”.

She is proud to be selected and hopes to make the UAE proud. She’s a busy lady, as Sahiqa is also a Senior Advisor for the Office of His Highness Sheikh Sultan and Lead Ventures. She helps with their tech & innovation strategy in order to attract and bring the best businesses to the UAE.

Never underestimate a woman on a mission to change the world.

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