SEAF Morocco Growth Fund invests in 3Dental

SEAF Morocco is pleased to announce that SEAF Morocco Growth Fund (SMGF), an investment fund whose strategy is to invest in innovative companies based in Morocco with high growth potential, has finalized its investment in 3Dental, a Moroccan company specializing in solutions for digital dental surgery.

3Dental, a company at the forefront of implantology and digital dental surgery

3Dental is involved in the budding sector of HealthTech, specializing in digital solutions focused uniquely on dental surgery. The company has developed a comprehensive surgical system based on a patented medical device, 3D surgical planning software, and 3D printing technology to help dentists perform safer, less invasive, faster and more accurate implant surgeries.

Implant surgery is a delicate dental operation performed by an experienced dentist to replace a patient’s lost teeth with dental implants. These implants are usually made of titanium that is covered with a ceramic dental crown and is screwed directly into the bone of the jaw. This surgical solution is the most recommended solution by the global scientific community as a response to partial or total edentation.

The surgical system developed by 3Dental plans to increase and considerably democratize the number of dentists able to perform dental implantology operations. What has generally been perceived as a complicated and demanding surgical operation requiring a great deal of expertise and several years of experience to a surgeon -dentist, has been simplified though the leverage of convergent technologies and is now accessible to a larger number of dentists.

“We are very pleased to support the growth of innovative Moroccan companies that are at the forefront of their field and whose target markets are beyond the borders of Morocco such as 3Dental. In addition to the growth prospects of 3Dental, this allows us to radiate an image of Morocco as a country exporting know-how with high added value in the highest scientific spheres and to initiate dynamic economic growth with high added value with a highly qualified technology transfer and job creation and to promote very inspiring positive success models for young people in Morocco. This is part of SEAF’s worldwide leadership as a leader in Impact Investing with strong economic and social impact” said Meriem Zairi Tlemcani, General Manager of SEAF Morocco.

Globally recognized scientific leadership

3Dental was co-founded in 2015 by two Moroccan brothers who have considerable experience in dentistry and entrepreneurship. Professor Jaafar Mouhyi is considered worldwide as a leading scientific opinion leader in oral implantology and dental surgery thanks to his work on the osseointegration abilities of titanium with human bone and its application to the dental surgery and implantology. Prof. Mouhyi is a board member of the Clean Implant Foundation, a well-regarded global dentistry association, and has worked as a scientific advisor to leading international implant manufacturers.

Said Mouhyi serves as president and manager of 3Dental. Mouhyi is a serial entrepreneur who has founded and managed several companies in the areas of computer software management, equipment, and retailing since 1999.

Mr. Said Mouhyi, CEO and Co-founder of 3Dental commented, “We are pleased with the partnership with SEAF, which will enable us to develop 3Dental and export our technology to the most important markets in dental surgery, notably the United States and Europe, thanks to their financial support but above all thanks to their expertise, technical assistance and immediate synergies with SEAF’s global portfolio companies that they make available to us”.