Saudi startup launches AI-powered software to improve road safety

Saudi-based startup, is a platform that is building advanced traffic cameras with the capability to detect dangerous driving behavior through video analysis. Currently in several international trials, has now announced the launch of seatbelt and mobile phone detection technology. Their proprietary computer vision technology provides the highest accuracy of seatbelt and mobile phone violation detection at more than 90% accuracy for both. Global trials of the technology have already shown positive results.


"We are really excited about what we have already seen in a short amount of time integrating Hazen’s platform,” says Eslam Emad, International Business Development Manager at Aiactive Technologies. “The traffic industry has traditionally lagged behind in technology innovation. The advancements with computer vision seem to make improving traffic conditions more efficient and cost-effective for cities and law enforcement. We already see how we’ll be able to make critical improvements to road safety infrastructure that will save lives."

Seat belt usage and reducing mobile phone usage/distraction while driving are two of the most important factors in reducing fatalities in car crashes. Talking on a mobile phone while driving increases the chance of a crash four times, and texting while driving increases this risk by around 23 times. Wearing a seatbelt reduces the risk of death as well as serious injury by about half. It is estimated that more than a million lives have been saved by seat-belts since their invention 60 years ago. Seat belts are the most effective single passive safety feature for vehicles.

“Road safety innovation has always been slow,” says Anas Basalamah, Co-Founder of “We have fine-tuned our solutions to leverage existing infrastructure to be able to detect every potential angle to make roads and travelers safer. The existing cameras are powerful sensors and we are leveraging AI to tap into that to support safer driving initiatives and better city planning so that we can reduce the amount of road fatalities.” first appeared in 2018, winning the Product Innovation Award at Gulf Traffic 2018 for its computer vision solutions. The company has deployed its video analytics solutions all over the world and further developed ways to securely and efficiently implement the latest technology solutions to improve road safety. These solutions are easily be implemented into the existing traffic infrastructure.

Despite a rocky first half of the year, Saudi Arabia’s startup funding increased by 102% from H1 2019 to H1 2020, with H1 2020 already surpassing full-year 2019 by the amount of funding. Discover more data by downloading our FREE H1 2020 Saudi Arabia Venture Capital Snapshot.

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