Saudi Arabian-based Saydl Raises SEED Round

Saydl” platform had revealed the closure of the first investment (seed) round, aiming to improve the platform and have expand the services in the local and regional market, with participation of investment companies and angel investors.

Saydl” was established in 2017 with the purpose of improving the services provided to clients, whether they have medical insurance or not, as well as clients of governmental hospitals, which is done by easing the process of ordering or purchasing all medical and pharmaceutical products, and the ability to locate any available medicines or other products. “Saydl” also offers instant pharmaceutical consultations through the application, which is connected to licensed pharmacists, to help clients or users avoid misusage of the medications.

Saydl” is considered the first platform in the region in the pharmaceutical field, aiming to provide technical solutions to help the client by directly connecting them to pharmaceutical services and products providers, as well as medical insurance companies and medical centers on whichever related chronic diseases and medical prescriptions.

Saydl” is working in a number of Saudi cities, in cooperation with licensed pharmacies and is working to expand and cover all the Saudi cities and expand to other middle east countries.

“The pharmaceutical & medical services today in the region are underserved, and there is huge potential for improving the quality of customer’s life by utilizing the advancement of the technology.  Connecting all the service providers (pharmacies, medical insurance companies, medical centers/cities, logistic solutions, etc) in one place can add big advantages to pharmacy’s customers, which is the area that Saydl focus on.  Our vision for Saydl is to be the vertual pharmacy of choice for all customers in the region” says Abdullah AlKuhaimi (founder)