Cloud-based SaaS Platform Remoty raises funds, a SaaS startup aiming to disrupt the human resources industry in Pakistan, has secured funding to meet the needs of the modern day global workforce.

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The Pakistani Cloud-based human resources platform, Remoty, has closed a funding round led by Deosai Ventures, with participation from angel investors. Founded in 2022 by Mahad Ahmad, Owais Basit and Fatimah Zafar, Remoty is helping remote teams build a stronger company culture, increase team collaboration, and reduce burnout through seamless HR plugins. The world is shifting to a new way of working which looks to combine the best of on-site and remote working worlds. Remoty is bridging this shift with innovative HR tools.

The leading Tech sectors across EVMs, including FinTech, Transport & Logistics, and Enterprise Software, have observed a YoY deal growth this year compared to H1 2021, as seen in our  FREE State of Startup Funding - H1 2022 Emerging Venture Markets Report. Enterprise Software ranked fourth in terms of deals recording a YoY growth of over 30% aggregating more than $100M in funding in H1’22. The Middle East observed sizable funds being raised by ES startups including the likes of KSA’s AI-powered Software solutions provider Mozn ($10M Series A), and Data Science startup Quant ($8M). Africa also joined the club with Egypt-based Synapse Analytics and South Africa’s Wamly securing funds this year. The ES space in Pakistan is fairly nascent, last year we saw startups like Remotebase and Seed Labs raise rounds to bring tech disruptions in the region.


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Remote work saw a massive boom during the Covid-19 pandemic and every organization had to figure out how they were going to work remotely. However, as the world started to open up and covid restrictions were lifted a lot of employees and employers preferred to stay remote, while a significant number of employees & employers wanted to go back to offices. This phenomenon has given birth to a new way of working, hybrid work, where employees have flexibility to work from home or office. “Remote work isn't going away, it's evolving. The future of remote work will continue to adapt and play a vital role in the way we work. Companies have to invest their resources in designing tools and frameworks which support the future of work” commented Mahad Ahmad, co-founder of Remoty.

Hybrid and remote teams interact with Remoty to share their availability & progress right from their communication tools. Remoty keeps track of every user's working hours and leaves which can be accessed from anywhere at any time on their cloud platform. Using this data, the startup's smart algorithms give out insights on remote team’s performance & productivity. Remoty also helps software and design agencies that charge their clients on hourly basis or pay their employees hourly wages maintain project billing. “HR tech is perhaps one of the first processes that was digitized back in the 90s. Unfortunately, we have not come far since. Companies living in a modern-day remote world are forced to use decade old legacy systems which don't understand modern team structures, their requirements and unique challenges. Remoty through its HR tech not only solves trivial HR problems in a unique way but makes it easier for teams to coordinate their work asynchronously.” said Owais Basit, CTO Remoty.

Remoty is looking to use this funding to nail their product market fit, increase the pace of product development and strengthen their distribution channels. Shehryar Hydri, Managing Partner, Deosai Ventures, concluded, "Remoty is a great way to show that a tool doesn't have to be complex to be useful. It seamlessly plugs into your existing workflow and nudges your team towards better planning and communication. Before you know it, it's improved the working chemistry across your organization".

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