Abu Dhabi based start-up RIZEK joins forces with NMC Healthcare to disrupt HealthTech in the UAE

[Abu Dhabi, UAE, 02 March 2020]: RIZEK, the UAE’s upcoming online marketplace that connects freelance service professionals with end customers, has partnered with NMC Healthcare in a first-of-its-kind-deal, to facilitate on-demand medical service in the UAE — becoming the UAE’s first online marketplace to offer such a service.

From intravenous therapy to intramuscular injections, nursing and physiotherapy, the requested services will be provided by experienced doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists from NMC hospitals and its ProVita and CosmeSurge arms.

Through this first-of-a-kind on-demand medical service marketplace in the UAE, RIZEK is set to make healthcare more accessible to people leading busy lives. Moreover, by cutting down on no-shows, cancellations and waiting time, RIZEK aims to improve efficiency as well as increase the number of services booked and fulfilled.

NMC is the largest private healthcare provider in the UAE, with strict quality controls and expert professionals having years of experience. Abdallah Abu-Sheikh, the founder and CEO of RIZEK, said, “At RIZEK, we do not believe in service compromises. And when it comes to Healthcare, we want to offer only the best to the people, that’s why we have partnered with NMC.”

Partnering up with RIZEK reflects NMC’s unwavering commitment to better customer service, personalised care, and the overall well-being of customers by providing highest standards of quality at affordable prices.

Moreover, through ratings and reviews, RIZEK’s online marketplace will bring in more transparency to the medical services sector, thereby increasing trust and demand for better healthcare services in the UAE.

The partnership was sealed by RIZEK’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Abdallah Abu Sheikh, RIZEK’s Chief Experience Officer, Layan Barghouthi, and NMC’s then Chief Operating Officer, Michael Davis, who now leads the healthcare behemoth as its interim CEO, on February 17, 2020, in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

RIZEK’s online marketplace has been developed to strengthen the region’s service economy and increase opportunities by transforming the way a wide range of services are delivered. Its partnership with NMC is a reflection of this vision, and RIZEK is on track to offer an expansive range of high-quality services to the UAE market.

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