RightDoors.com launched Dubai's First No-brokerage platform and eases renting properties in Dubai

Buying and selling of property has never been an easy process with paper work  and cost involved in terms of time and money, it usually gets burdensome and that is exactly what Dubai-based startup RightDoors.com has decided to address this by simply charging a flat fee of Dh999 for all the process involved irrespective of property size or type.

The portal allows tenant to book a viewing and allots dedicated property consultant  who will conduct the viewing, handle all the negotiation, and all the rental process that needs to be done. Once everything is complete, the tenant can easily move-in to his/her new home.

Landlords can list their properties for free on the portal. Once they register their property it instantly gets advertised on top property portals like Property Finder, Dubizzle, and Bayut. This increases the visibility of a landlord's property, giving it higher opportunities to gain leads and potential viewings. Property Consultants would take care of every negotiation until the landlord's property gets rented.

"Our company evolved from a simple property portal to a real estate service provider that offers affordable agency fees for a flat fee of Dh999. Paying hefty commission when renting any property is a headache that tenants have been bearing for the longest time. This is also a burden for landlords as their properties become difficult to get rented because of the big amount that tenants need to pay in commission. With this challenge at hand, we made it our goal to start a trend in the market and change the market practice of charging the standard 5 per cent commission," said Zeeshan Imran, chief executive officer and founder, Right Doors.com.

The startup - Right Doors - has been in the market since August 2018 and is successfully operating for 8 strong months. So far,  the venture has invested a total of Dh1.2 million for development and building the operations of the company. "For the year 2019, our target is to raise funds which would be utilised to strengthen our brand in the market. It would also be utilised to reach landlords to register their properties. We are Dubai's first commission-free real estate. We are focused on delivering quality services for an affordable and reasonable flat fee. The market practice that most estate agents do in Dubai is to charge 5 per cent commission when renting any property. We see this amount as a burden for tenants that's why we decided to become a game-changer in the Dubai real estate rental market," added Imran.