Remoteplatz launches its platform in Egypt and aims to transform the lives of software engineers with remote working opportunities

Remoteplatz launched its platform in Egypt. The first platform dedicated to empowering talented software engineers to work remotely with leading European companies. The platform which aims at connecting EU startups with the top 5% of Egyptian software engineers, offers a great opportunity for talents in Egypt to join a global community of developers and innovators. 

The number of tech specialists and programmers is growing rapidly in Egypt from one year to the next. Engineering schools comprise 15% of the total graduates with around 26,000 alumni every year. This creates a high demand and a great opportunity for Remoteplatz to continue empowering developers in Egypt to work remotely with international tech experts and redefine the future of tech in Egypt. 

Through the new platform, developers can request to join the community by creating a profile that summarizes their skill sets, and technical experience. Developers who pass the assessments and verification can officially join the community and start receiving job opportunities from potential employers. The process will be transparent, and clear, to help escalate the most promising talents forward. 

The CEO of Remoteplatz, Mohamed Hawass said: 

“Remoteplatz represents the modern solution to talent acquisition using technology. We started Remoteplatz with an aim to transform the lives of software engineers in Egypt by bringing them a set of incredible opportunities including 50-100% higher salary and the opportunity to work alongside a global community of innovators and technology leaders. 

For the first time, Egyptian talents can receive opportunities from international businesses who are in need of their skills through our platform. We also support their personal and professional growth by providing an environment that motivates and inspires them to become the next generation technology leaders. By the end of 2025, we want to hire 10.000 remote engineers in our community and become Africa’s best tech employer.”

Saeed Gouda, Founder and VP partnerships of Remoteplatz said: “Remoteplatz is working relentlessly to solve problems on both sides of the Market. Given that the European market is facing a shortage of IT talents, Remoteplatz is working to bridge this talent gap by connecting employers with qualified calibers.”

By 2021, the company aims to launch an artificial intelligence-based platform to automate the recruitment process and help the company remain distinctive in the current digitalized world.”  

Remoteplatz is currently under the incubation program of “Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) which is one of the initiatives to support entrepreneurship in the ICT sector. 

Remoteplatz was founded in Berlin in May 2019, with the aim of empowering developers in Egypt to work remotely with leading European business. Today, Remoteplatz is located in Cairo, and Berlin and has access to more than 11k developers in Egypt through its platform.