Remotebase raises $1.4M Seed funding round

Remotebase, a startup with operations in Pakistan and Silicon Valley that helps connect high-performing engineering teams with US companies, has raised a $1.4M Seed funding round. 

The round was led by Indus Valley Capital, with participation from several global investors such as Tim Draper, Hustle Fund Ventures, and other angel investors from Silicon Valley.

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Remotebase’s mission is to turn Pakistan into a global tech hub by hiring, training, and then placing engineers in Silicon Valley-based startups. The idea is to give Pakistani engineers exposure to the world’s most innovative companies by deeply integrating the engineers inside those companies. Engineers work anywhere between 12-18 months with each company, learn, gather experience, and then have the option of switching to a new Silicon Valley startup.  

Aatif Awan, Managing Partner at Indus Valley Capital said, “Remotebase is a crucial piece of the puzzle for the Pakistani tech ecosystem to earn its well-deserved place in the world. As tech companies go remote, Remotebase can help Pakistani talent fulfill this demand and gain experience with the best startups around the world. Over time this will also materially increase the supply of experienced tech professionals in the country, benefiting all local companies. We’re thrilled about our mission alignment with Remotebase and are excited to back them.”  

Remotebase was co-founded by Qasim Asad Salam and Talha Masood, whose personal mission is to create a huge impact by disrupting the way tech companies work. By embracing remote work at the core, Remotebase exposes Pakistani talent to the entire world, allowing them to learn and work with the best companies in the world, the startup states.

Customers can go to the website, configure what kind of engineering team they are looking for, check out, and within 24 hours, customers are able to start working with their remote engineering teams.

Tim Draper commented, "Knowing Qasim and having seen him work right outside my office, I can say that he and his team are going to take Remotebase to the moon. We are so proud of what they have achieved so far and are looking forward to helping him and his team on this incredible journey"

Qasim Asad Salam, Co-Founder said, “Remotebase is all set to completely disrupt how work is done. Being a remote worker for most of my life I was always passionate about enabling people to build companies entirely in the cloud and giving them access to top talent from all around the globe. Where better to start the company from than Pakistan. A country where I have personally witnessed an immense amount of talent, and super hungry individuals just looking for opportunities to learn and grow."

Talha Masood, Co-Founder added, “Working remotely my entire life with Silicon Valley companies has been an incredible ride. I had immense freedom, meaningful work and I got to learn from the best companies in the world. One went on to become a multi-billion dollar startup. I want other Pakistani engineers to have the same experiences and opportunities I had.” 

The fresh round of funding will help Remotebase scale operations by the end of 2021, hire more engineers, power hackathons, and encourage women to get into tech through Remotebase for Women.

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