An HR checklist for remote onboarding

The world of work has been permanently affected by COVID-19. Despite the initial challenges of remote work, organizations globally are finding ways to adapt to a “new normal.” Research shows organizations that are committed to developing a talent pipeline during troubling times are more likely to be one step ahead and recover better from recessions.

‍As a result, companies across all industries are developing new mindsets and behaviors when it comes to remote work. The pandemic has even pushed companies to embrace remote working arrangements permanently. Companies are finally realizing the benefits of hiring remotely, gaining access to talent pools without borders and increased workforce productivity.

‍Highly skilled professionals around the world prefer to take on full-time roles as independent contractors. This simplifies the hiring process when companies aren’t located in the country of the candidate. HR and finance leaders are finding it challenging to ensure smooth onboarding of remote teams and are looking to incorporate new technologies to efficiently manage onboarding, contracting, compliance, and cross-border payroll.

Hire Anywhere!


1. Make an offer and collect contractor details

- Send an offer letter and request an acceptance confirmation by email, along with the document details below:

- Contractor contact information (address, phone number, emergency contact)

- Bank account details

- Copy of a government ID (a valid passport of identification card)

- Tax ID/ Social Security number (if applicable in the contractor's country)

- If the contractor is a U.S. tax resident, share the appropriate tax form W-9, W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E


2. Prepare and sign the contract electronically

- Draft a contract and ensure its compliance in the tax country of the contractor

- Clearly state the gross pay inclusive of taxes if any, the currency, the cycle, and payroll date

- Use a legally binding e-signature service to sign the contract

- Ensure the contract is signed by both parties; client and contractor


3. 1:1 Kickoff meeting

- Go through the corporate apps used by your organization, email and other communication, project management tools, and knowledge base

- Go through internal processes; how to request time off, submitting expenses

- Share an organizational chart to give a better understanding of the organization’s workflow

- Schedule introduction meetings with teams

- Schedule regular meetings and check-ins

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