RedCab LLC. to scale its operations globally

By Mohamed Mousa / Medium 


SOURCE: Medium - RedCab LLC. to scale its operations globally

There’s no denying that the Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way people do business, and the business of moving people from point A to point to B is no exception. Redcab LLC.; a futuristic company in the peer to peer transportation space is certainly getting on that blockchain train to scale it’s operations globally and to offer the world an innovative solution in the peer to peer transportation realm.

By changing the operations model from the currently used centralized model into a complete decentralized model; RedCab has huge potential in competing with the big funded players in the peer-2-peer transportation space. By strengthening local operations and scaling globally, offering a transparent and cheaper business model to customers, yet boost earnings for drivers, maintaining a community-backed governance model on quality, safety, and customer experience; it is a no-brainer that time will be the only challenge between Redcab and market share.

Proof-of-driving MVP to get drivers on the wheel, Proof-of-marketing MVP to get customers do the marketing, pushed specialized Geo Ads and an AI powered road assistant is some of the features in RedCab’s future roadmap.

RedCab LLC. is a peer to peer transportation company founded in 2016 and started operating in the MENA region during late 2017 with mobile apps available on both the iTunes App store and Google Play.