Real Estate startup launches, raises six-figure Pre-Seed funding, a new website that is looking to disrupt the real estate search experience in Egypt has launched in the region. The digital platform aims to become the go-to resource for people looking for their next property, whether to rent or buy in Egypt. By combining a user-friendly search experience and a comprehensive marketing understanding of real estate companies, is a fresh new platform for the currently available solutions.

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Starting on a high note, the platform has already raised a six-figure investment in a Pre-Seed round, secured from an angel investor who shared the same dream as the Co-Founders to address the current market need and reshape the market.

“We set out to disrupt what real estate search should look like in Egypt” Ali Ezzat, Co-Founder said. “We have created a new way to discover your next property purchase through an extremely simple and easy interface. The real estate market has been developing immensely over the past couple of years and there is a huge shift in the market to utilize more digital methods of attracting new customers.”

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Coming from two different yet interlocked backgrounds, the Co-Founders’ previous experience directly shaped Isqan’s vision and reinforced its ambitious mission. As a real estate brokerage owner based in Dubai, Karim Kazem, CEO and Co-Founder of was able to realize the unquestionable importance of how real estate portals contribute to the digital economy. It was not long until he started working towards launching a real estate listing portal in Egypt.

On the other hand, Ezzat’s journey as a tech entrepreneur in Egypt made him the ideal person to build a technology-based solution that fits this specific market need. “We created to simplify the home buying, selling, and renting process. is an easy way for today’s clientele to search for commercial and residential properties.” Kazem adds, “We aim to tap into local and international property markets, ultimately revolutionizing the Middle Eastern digital real estate landscape.”

Karim Kazem told MAGNiTT, "We started talks with our investor right before the current crisis. We are extremely grateful that he was able to share our vision for the company and for sticking with us during these extremely tough times. The funds will be used for growing our user base and continuing to develop the product."

The platform aims to shake up the Egyptian property market by offering a completely free of charge service, giving end-users three free listings, to help them rent or sell a property. In parallel, has also partnered up with a number of market leaders ahead of its launch to offer users a wide range of trusted and legitimized options. The listed companies include Egypt Best Properties, New Avenue, Byotat, Insider, B2B, Ultimate Real Estate, Remax, Irtkaz, Era, Daddy Estate Investment, Abrag, and Proper Move.

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