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Q1 Summary Report 2018

Funding 2 years ago - Sun, Apr 8, 2018, 9:21 AM

Q1 Summary Report 2018
Author: MAGNiTT


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          Q1 2018 comparison

  • Deals: 62 in Q1 2018
  • Disclosed Amount Invested: $35.54M in Q1 2018
  • Q1 2018 vis-à-vis Q4 2017:
  • Deals: -14 fewer deals in Q1 2018 (62) compared to Q4 2017 (74)
  • Disclosed Amount Invested: -$33M less invested in Q1 2018 ($36M) compared to Q4 2017 ($69M)
  • Q1 2018 vis-à-vis Q1 2017:
  • Deals: +12 more deal in Q1 2018 (62) compared to Q1 2017 (50)
  • Disclosed Amount Invested: -$25M less invested in Q1 2018 ($36M) compared to Q1 2017 ($61M)


MAGNiTT Predictions for Q2:


• Generally see an up tick in investments leading up to and during Ramadan before the summer lull

• Expect Q2 to have an increase in activity in number of deals and amount invested across the MENA Region

• Awaiting confirmation of VCs to close their new funds to start deploying

• Several deals have been closed but yet to be publicly disclosed

• Discussion that CAREEM is doing a $500M late stage fundraise. This would put MENA firmly on course for a record year of funding

     Venture Capital Firms

• We have noted the emergence of new family offices playing in the VC space

• Existing VCs in KSA, Egypt & UAE are actively looking for opportunities to invest

• TechStars Demo day, ArabNet competition, MiT Finals to take place in Q2



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