Prince Khaled and Hasan Haider participate in meet and greet with University students in Silicon Valley

During his visit to the US, Prince Khaled Bin Alwaleed, founder and Chief Executive of KBW Ventures, held a meet and greet session with the students of Draper University in Silicon Valley. Prince Khaled was joined by Hasan Haider, partner at 500 Startups, the most active seed fund in the world.

At the conference, both were asked questions on how to attract investors, the best ways of growing and setting up a business and advice on team building in a startup.

Prince Khaled tried to pass on his knowledge of the business world to the new batch of upcoming entrepreneurs as much as possible. He highlighted the importance of structuring a strong business and the significance of building a team that shares the same vision for their company as the founder. He emphasized on the factors that must be cultivated early on in a start up in order to attract investors.

Talking to students with utmost sincerity, Prince Khaled Bin Alwaleed did not hesitate to reveal some harsh realities of businesses to the students. He explained how to handle venture capitalist rejection and how not to let such setbacks affect one’s resilience.

Hasan also joined the conversation and spoke about what investors usually look for in a startup. He talked about the key roles that the founders can play in execution of the company and how investors are always on a look out for executable tasks and something that they can measure to determine the progress.

He elaborated that a lot of times entrepreneurs become overprotective of their ideas and end up delaying the release of their product to reach that perfection. He advised against it and recommended entrepreneurs to improve their product after the release, as it is not possible to have the perfect product at the time of release.

Finally, Hasan noted some important skill sets that a founding team should possess including marketing, technical, communications and business development, adding that single-founder startups are usually at an disadvantage.