Potential.com provides free Future Skills Course Bundle to all schools impacted by COVID-19 outbreak



Essential skills to help students who are at home make use of their time and prepare for a better future

After the successful launch last week of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) awareness website which has been viewed by tens of thousands of people around the world in a span of a few days, Potential.com announces the launch of free resources for schools and their students. The aim of the future skills course bundle is to support schools in empowering their students during this outbreak. Given that schools would be challenged to provide all their regular curriculum through remote learning, and in order to keep students engaged and learning new skills, these resources would help bridge the gap. 

The potential.com empowerment platform has been optimized for self-directed learning, where the students take control of their learning without the need for supervision. By making use of practical video-based micro-learning modules, the learners stay engaged and are hand-held through their learning paths. Through the use of potential.com’s Real World Education methodology, the users are encouraged to take action and apply the learning immediately. 

“We are honored to be able to do our part in contributing to the global response against the COVID-19 outbreak and support the schools, the parents and the students who are affected. We would like to thank all the healthcare workers that are at the forefront of this pandemic and hope that through public awareness and social distancing, we can all support their work by slowing down the spread of the virus.” – said Shadi Banna, CEO, potential.com.

One of the ways in which schools can launch the platform to its student community is by launching an “open innovation” challenge to the students where the students go through the innovation design thinking course and in the process come up with an innovative solution to a social or community challenge that they may be passionate about. The challenge could be related to the new Coronavirus outbreak or another important topic affecting the community.

The students would also have access to hundreds of modules to help them develop their innovative idea further – such as critical thinking, digital marketing, project management, business model, financial literacy and more.. The schools can reward the students that come up with the most innovative ideas and / or those that gain the most points by completing the modules and courses. 

Furthermore, included in the content is an important course on how to stay safe online by identifying scams, phishing attempts and other internet related threats. Students would also have access to the latest tips and public safety announcements around the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Schools that are interested in receiving their access to the platform would need to reach out to [email protected] for directions to how they can setup their school platform in a day and get access to their protected student data.


Potential.com is a global EdTech social enterprise that works with individuals, governments and corporates to support key social projects such as job creation, SMB and entrepreneurship development, workforce optimizations and Skills-to-job matching.

Governments and leading brands around the world, rely on Potential.com’s innovative empowerment platform to launch customized initiatives for their citizens and customers by helping them; startup, expand their businesses or enhance their corporate career.

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Source: zawya.com