POSRocket announces its “Launchpad Developer Portal” & “Market Space”

Oct. 13th 2018, Amman - Jordan. POSRocket the cloud based point of sale platform announces the release of its developer portal, positioning POSRocket as the first API platform implementation in the MENA region.


With the platform vision coming into reality, CEO Zeid Husban expressed: “POSRocket was founded with the API vision from day one. We’ve built our business to serve merchants as a platform rather than a service. We are thrilled to be leading the way into becoming the first merchant-centric, value driven ecosystem in the region enabling merchants to maximize their benefits and returns on investment”.


Coming from a history in online ordering, Husban’s business ifood could not leverage an integration with the point of sale, later becoming an inspiration for an open platform; “looking back at the ifood experience, cashiers had to receive our orders over bulky printers and punch them in” referring to the costly, error prone and non-streamlined process. “It was a losing game, we could not integrate with a single POS”.


When you look carefully at the details, there is a great deal of complexity in managing a merchant’s business successfully. POSRocket deploys products to facilitate and automate all aspects of managing the business, beginning from the point of sale and throughout the merchant enterprise in supply chain, inventory, production, promotion, and financial management. “Our secure public API and event notification system allows 3rd party developers to leverage POSRocket’s deep experience in managing workflows at the Merchant. The App developer does not have to worry about all the complexities. You can quickly bring out innovative new applications producing value for the Merchants and their customers” said POSRocket VP of Engineering Michael Motta.


Looking at the future, Business development director Wadi Hawi affirms the major role the company will play in accelerating the retail-tech ecosystem in MENA; “We are the point of sale platform of the region. To build impact, we need not to only provide a point of sale, but to accelerate those who are adding more value through their innovations”.


Developers and 3rd party solutions will be able to release their apps built on or integrated with the platform on the POSRocket “Market Space”. Possibilities are endless, developers can build apps for operation automation (Accounting, HR)) , bridging (payments, logistics), customer acquisition and retention (loyalty, promotions,online ordering, ecommerce).


Developers and integrators are now welcome to register with the BETA  release of launchpad API via http://posrocket.com/developer-api