Plan and book the trip of a lifetime in just a few minutes thanks to AI and machine learning. Tripdizer, the travel tech startup revolutionizes the travel industry

This year is going to be an exciting one for Tripdizer. Since the company’s inception in 2017, Tripdizer has been seeing positive growth, doubling revenue each quarter but now after being backed by 500 Startups and with the launch of their new website soon, they are on the path to disrupt the travel industry in the region.

There has never been a better time for a solution like Tripdizer, not only because it fills a gap in the travel ecosystem; but also because demand is growing on online travel booking services.

Ziad Eladawy the founder and CEO predicts that by 2021 more than 50% of all travel bookings in the region will be made online.

“We are at an inflection point in the region: the Middle East is the fastest growing outbound travel market in the word and we are seeing a high rate of internet and technology adoption. It is expected that over the next 2 years that 50% on the travel bookings will be made online and we want to be in the forefront of such wave in the region.“ added Ziad.

"Although the travel industry is very competitive, there are still many gaps in the ecosystem that need to be filled, and it's up to startups to come up with new innovations to fill these gaps." said Hatem Ayoub the co-founder and CMO of Tripdizer.

Tripdizer's promise is to provide a more personalized travel experience, easier and faster than ever. Previously, traveling abroad has been a complex and daunting task as travelers used to rely on secondhand information which required a lot of research or opted to traditional travel agencies who only offered one-size-fits-all programs and itineraries that were not convenient.

Tripdizer uses a different approach in helping travelers. The website is built like a conversation one would have a friend, starting with one question: Do you know where to travel? According to your answer of choice between: “Yes, I have a plan” and “No, Surprise me”, the website then proceeds to run you through a bespoke and curated trip; with multiple options that suite each personality. From how much you’ll spend, to weather you’ll spend your time shopping or bungee jumping, the website even offers you content from travel enthusiasts to provide you with a completely curated package suitable for you without compromise.

The first steps towards the success of the current AI system that Tripdizer has developed originally relied on the first-hand experience of a strong network of travelers and travel bloggers who shared their real-world experience through the platform. Yet unlike traditional travel agencies, Tripdizer - with the use of AI and Machine Learning- transformed this human knowledge into a smart technical solution that aims to help travelers in the MENA region improve their experience.

Speaking about their competitors, Ziad said “All our competitors require you be an expert on the in and outs of your destination and to be able to plan your flights, accommodation, activities and local transfers. That process is daunting and it takes on average 3 weeks to get your trip right. But with Tripdizer, you tell us what do you like and look for in the trip and we do the rest. We use machine learning to generate curated trips for travelers within a few minutes.”

Tripdizer is always evolving and ever growing, its future plan is to expand to the rest of the MENA region within the coming few years.

You can check out Tripdizer’s website here:

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