Philip Bahoshy on sparking platforms based on data

Philip Bahoshy, Founder and CEO of MAGNiTT joined Shereen Abdulla on the Spark! with Shereen podcast to discuss how to build successful platforms based on data, including the importance of knowing your customer for your product development process, the popularity of the MENA opportunity amongst global startup ecosystems, how to use newsletters to build your business, and more. 

Listen to the podcast below for insights on building a data-driven tech company:

Key takeaways discussed by Philip and Shereen:

 A newsletter (whatever the frequency may be) can act as a mechanism to help build awareness of your business to the people who would like to learn more.
 When not serving to reach your customers about your business, newsletters can be built as revenue-generating products.
• Every business should tailor its offering with a specific audience or customer in mind.
• Accordingly, businesses should create products or services that complement the interests of their ever-evolving target customers.
• As the MENA ecosystem has been growing, people from other regions have started to notice and have begun investing in the region.
• Data platforms and media companies have gained; they've become the source of the latest information for these international investors to stay up-to-date and informed.
• By sharing local success stories, other entrepreneurs and investors are getting more and more bought into the MENA opportunity.
• Integrity and transparency are key to data-driven businesses.

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