Palestine's First Full-stack Code Academy

By Gaza Sky Geeks 


SOURCE: Gaza Sky Geeks - Palestine's First Full-stack Code Academy

The Code Academy is Palestine’s first full-stack coding bootcamp with a flagship campus in Gaza and second campus opening in the West Bank in November 2018. The Code Academy is a joint project of Mercy Corps/Gaza Sky Geeks and Founders & Coders International. We train 16 students per cohort in a full-time, intensive course for 8 weeks with an additional 16 weeks of project-based learning with real-world clients to jumpstart your professional portfolio. The objective is to graduate as full-stack developers who can deploy production-grade software online and secure high-quality jobs with companies or work as freelance developers.

Our immersive course is peer-led and project-based with students working in teams of 4. Students take turns delivering workshops, running code reviews, and managing projects. The course covers test-driven development, using a full JavaScript stack (JavaScript and Node.js) with relational databases. We also teach aspects of UX design and project management.

Once finished, graduates of the Code Academy will be competent full-stack developers, able to work in big teams, build complete prototypes to test their ideas, work with clients, and manage the lifecycle of a product.

Read more about the curriculum here.