Paklaunch: Leveraging Pakistan’s Momentum 

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Attention to the Pakistani startup ecosystem is growing by the day as market shifts play in favor of Tech and Digital focused startups. With the fast and viral adoption of internet solutions across the country and the increasing interest from regional and international investors, the Pakistani startup scene has been having a bustling year. 

If we compare across geographies in Emerging Venture Markets, we find that it is times when the ecosystem is booming that new bridges, connections, and infrastructures are built to translate momentum into scalability. The latest in these initiatives is an exciting up-and-coming community that aims to connect the ecosystems in Pakistan and across the world. is a community of talented Pakistani professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors gathered around building knowledge and exploring opportunities. With a focus on engaging Pakistani overseas diaspora, its mission is to make a significant contribution towards accelerating Pakistan’s progress in the fast-growing ecosystem of tech startups. Paklaunch's Aamir Mehdi shares with us what they have in the pipeline this Wednesday.


The Next Big Thing

On 8 Sep, this will be the inaugural flagship event of Designed as a premier virtual conference, showcasing the Pakistani Startup Ecosystem as ‘The Next Big Thing’. The event will feature some of the biggest international VCs including Kleiner Perkins, 20VC, Quiet Capital, Next 500 Startups, Antler, CRV, Defy, Shorooq, Gobi, Wavemaker, Acrew, Lightspeed, VEF , as well as notable local investors, family offices and business houses. We would be showcasing the best success stories from Pakistani founders and startups also. It is intended to serve as an invitation to the global top names that Pakistan is not only open but one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world with untapped potential.

Pakistan-based startups have shown a stellar performance and an even more impressive potential over this year. Funding in Pakistan in H1 2021 already passed that of FY 2020 driven by a YOY increase in deals closed in the first half of the year. What was even more remarkable is the steady growth of the VC ecosystem in Pakistan YTD, where startups like Airlift had breakthrough moments raising almost the entire amount of funding the ecosystem raised in H1, and industries like FinTech and E-commerce experiencing course changing fundraises with multi-million dollar deals from Bazaar, Sadapay, mKhata, and Tajir Pakistan. Paklaunch is capitalizing on this momentum by bringing key players to this showcase event while at the same time driving visibility for mass audiences.


We are expecting an attendance estimated to be 10,000+ between entrepreneurs, investors, stakeholders, partners and esteemed guests. We are hopeful to have President Arif Alvi open and close the event as our guest of honor among confirmed attendees including Dr. Reza Baqir, Governor Stake Bank of Pakistan, Senators Shibli Faraz, Federal Minister of Science & Technology, Mr. Ali Jehangir Siddiqui, Ambassador at Large for Foreign Investment and Mr. Amer Hashmi, Chairman Special Technology Zones Authority.

Check out our detailed agenda, participant profiles, and partner information on our website event page.

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