Oman to use artificial intelligence and hi-tech learning in classrooms

Oman plans to completely change its education system by bringing in innovation for the students' learning process in classrooms. The country is going to use an artificial intelligence system in classrooms which will monitor how each student absorbs the study material and ensure its proper delivery to everyone.

A forum that is to be held from September 15-17 in the Sultanate will bring together regional and international brands, SMEs, educational institutes of Oman, and professionals from over 16 countries to engage with each other and devise ways to upgrade the education system with the latest technology.

Organizers are calling this high-level meeting forum, MENA 2019, and believe that the innovation this forum is striving for will put Oman ahead of all others.

An official from the Ministry of Higher Education told that this high-quality forum is supported by the ministries of Oman. The Ministry of Education and Higher education, the Ministry of Communications, and many government stakeholders are going to participate in the forum as the Omani Government is fully in support of the forum.

The senior government officials, professionals from educational institutes, and civil society stakeholders from the Middle East and North Africa will also take part in this forum to explore the ways in which technology can help improve students’ learning methods.

The use of technology in schools and colleges will keep track of students’ performance and will adjust the delivery of subject material for each student according to his own style and pace of learning. According to John Glassey, the founder of Brains Innovations Summits, every student has his own pace of learning.

In a class full of students, each student is going to be on a different level of understanding. The AI Technology can be used to test each student’s level and then provide them with the information they lack and a few more tests to bring them to the level of other students in class. For this purpose, different devices such as tablets or laptops that have the system in place can be used.

Oman is already helping its students in active learning in many ways, such as through an Omani portal for online education called EWathiq, which provides students with online courses to improve their education.

Oman has implemented an active learning policy within its education sector to shift the traditional teacher-focused learning which involves an instructor giving all the information and students trying to note the information down, to a student-focused Active Learning which focuses on what the students are actually learning.