No More Pain with Technical Recruitment in MENA

TechieMatter, a cairo-based technical recruitment web solution taking the lead in solving this struggle for many employers in MENA region.

Founded last July by 2 Egyptian Tech-Entrepreneurs, Muhammad Abu Elgheit and Amr Medhat who went through this issue before as founders looking for good tech talents and employees who worked in hiring companies but were not satisfied with the results, so they decided to create a specialized solution to save time, energy, and cost for other employers out there.

“TechieMatter works as tech hiring arm for companies” Muhammad, Founder & CEO said, “technical recruitment happens globally with 80% passive process, which means referrals, network and headhunting can be useful more than regular job-board platforms. And for the same reason, We started TechieMatter, which is a technical recruitment web solution that delivers tech talents to employers quickly without hassle, thanks to our proprietary vetting system.” Muhammad added.

TechieMatter platform has 2 sides, first is whoever responsible on the employment decision making either CEO or HR Director, second side is Tech Verifier, whom can be a senior techie has +5 years of experience in specific tech domain that allows him/er to outreach his/er rich network and filter them matching the job opening provided by the employer side, and it can be a senior it recruiter as well who got the needed experience in certain tech domains to source, and filter tech talents.

TechieMatter manages this process and ensures the quality of the delivered candidates through many filtration layers they made throughout this process.

Muhammad added, “Since we started last July, we succeeded to help many successful startups in the region to find their desired tech talents in a very hassle-free, and time-saving way that led them to focus more on their venture core functions such as operations, business development, and product management”. “Among others, we worked with GoodsMart, Raye7, and ConsultingPad from Egypt and Halalah from KSA to hire tech talents through TechieMatter”

It is noteworthy to mention that TechieMatter Co-founder, Amr Medhat, has worked before in Wuzzuf and has more than 14 years of experience in Software and Product Management, Muhammad Abu Elgheit is also the man behind, one of the most engaging tech communities in Egypt. In addition to that, TechieMatter has joined recently MiSK 500 Startups program in their latest cohort in Riyadh.

“Our goal is to be the leading platform for tech talents recruitment in MENA within the next 3 years” Muhammad mentioned.

Currently, the website version is not the fully functioned one, but If you are an employer and looking for getting your desired tech talent(s), you can sign up here, and if you are a senior it recruiter or a senior techie who got the experience and network to , you can sign up here.a