New strategic partnership between two startups to help support women in business in MENA region


Two start-ups in the UAE have joined forces to create a strategic partnership in helping women across the region to advance their skills, their business ideas, and their careers.

NISA Soul, founded by Sara Mohamed has announced a strategic partnership with Signature Network founded by Mounir Berhmani.

The two UAE based companies are set to provide support and practical resources to women across the region in order to help them access the best tools, best mentorship and services in order to open businesses, pivot current businesses, find motivation, mental balance and more.

Sara Mohamed is a corporate veteran with a long-standing career in investment in the UAE and she recently launched NISA Soul as a company on a mission to bring balance in the boardrooms and advance women in the business sector.

The partnership between NISA Soul and Signature Networks estimates to help thousands of women in the MENA Region. Signature Network with its core business to connect professionals across the country and open opportunities for business, has joined the partnership with a network of thought leaders, professionals and educators ready to support women empowerment.

The two founders, Sara Mohamed and Mounir Berhmani are inviting everyone to join the effort to contribute with the knowledge or nominate women in need of support.

Under the newly launched partnership, the two companies will also launch a series of free webinars in partnership with thought leaders from across the region. The first webinar will be announced for 9th April 2020 starting 8 PM.

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