Nahdet El Mahrousa Launches Applications To Boost Growth Program

Press Release

Nahdet El Mahrousa and Hivos are calling for social entrepreneurs to apply for BOOST 2019.

In partnership with Hivos, Nahdet El Mahrousa (NM) launched BOOST Growth Stage, a program that works on enabling social startups in their growth stage to scale up and expand their enterprises.

BOOST focuses on Egyptian established social startups that are looking to scale their enterprises efficiently. Targeted startups should have the potential to create more inclusive jobs in Egypt, either directly within the supported enterprise, or indirectly by increasing young people’s employability skills and/or connecting them with opportunities from third parties, thus contributing to improving the economy of the country. Social entrepreneurs joining BOOST should be fully dedicated to their startups and enthusiastic to increase their impact on their communities. The program focuses on a range of sectors including startups operating in job training and placement services, shared economy, tech-based, mobility, waste management sectors and artisanal related industries with potential to export.

BOOST is an 8-month program that will work with a cohort of 8 promising startups to help tackle their challenges in areas such as market expansion, cash flow management, and talent acquisition and retention. Through business coaching sessions, tailored workshops, and needs based technical support, the program will equip startups with the necessary skills and opportunities to grow their businesses. Social startups will also have access to milestone and asset tied funding up to 500,000 Egyptian pounds with 0% equity.  

Since 2003, Nahdet El Mahrousa has been enabling grassroots social entrepreneurs in Egypt to create the positive change they envision for their communities. NM has successfully incubated over a 100 enterprises in various fields including education and employment, arts and culture, civic engagement and citizenship, energy and environment, science and innovation, handicrafts & creative industries, sustainable agriculture and technology. BOOST is NM’s first growth stage program, in partnership with Hivos.

NM's Ideation and Growth Stage acceleration program is powered by HIVOS through its BOOST program. HIVOS is Humanist Organization for Social Change working since 1968 for a free, fair and sustainable world. BOOST’s regional program is supporting 60+ social startups from Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia who have clear potential for creating inclusive job opportunities for youth.

For more details on BOOST program criteria and benefits, click here.  

If you are interested in BOOST, apply

Application is open until March 30th and applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis.