“Mrayti", the Jordanian beauty services platform expands to Egypt!

Mrayti, Amman-based beauty services platform has expanded to Egypt with the launch of its service in Cairo!

On the Second of December, Mrayti  “opened its doors” to be met with great excitement from the Egyptian market, with this launch Mrayti has now become the only on-demand beauty startup in the MENA region operating outside its original birthplace, proving team's ability to spread and grow the business from Amman to Cairo… And from Cairo to the world!

Romouz Sadeq, the Founder and CEO of Mrayti, stated about the initial response in Cairo, “  We were overwhelmed with it, we already have 25 providers in Cairo and have responded to hundreds of inquiries in the first day, as the first customer in Cairo happened to be the rising singer Nouran Abu Taleb for her interview with prominent TV figure Radwa El Sherbiny .”

“We’re planning to launch in Aqaba as well within this year, before expanding to the rest of the world, and we’re working on some innovative improvements in the services that we will be launching very soon.” She added.

6 Cities and more to come...