Mr Usta, an online marketplace for home services, partners with Majid Al Futtaim

Mr Usta, the UAE’s leading online marketplace for home services, has now joined the much-coveted Majid Al Futtaim (MAF) portfolio of companies after inking a deal earlier this month. This partnership will allow MAF consumers to benefit from a plethora of Mr Usta aftersales and home services when they purchase products from Carrefour, Crate & Barrel, and Maison du Monde.

With SMEs considered an economic backbone of the nation’s economy by providing almost 40% of the UAE’s GDP, MAF knew it was imperative – and that it was their responsibility as advocates of the UAE’s national agenda - that they supported small businesses and enterprises with their resources and market know-how to wither the prevailing situation. Mr Usta was an ideal candidate as they have established their market presence over the past few years, and their model provides business opportunities to thousands of service providers across the country.

“This has been a challenging time for small businesses across the UAE,” explained Ibrahim Colak, Mr Usta CEO and co-founder. “Our platform is a primary source of revenue for SMEs across the country, having generated millions of dirhams for them over the past several years, and we are positive that this partnership will provide some much-needed and consistent income for these businesses.”

“MAF have very stringent criteria when it comes to selecting partners,” continued Colak. “So we were thrilled when we ‘ticked all the boxes’ so-to-speak. All this would not have been possible without the commitment, professionalism, and hard work that the team here at Mr Usta have put in. This is a big win for the entire family.”

The partnership will also see Mr Usta’s technology integrated with MAF’s own web and mobile platforms, as well in MAF’s loyalty program, Share. Both teams will also work on developing more customer-centric products and services in the future. In addition, MAF will also support Mr Usta’s growth ambitions by helping the brand tap into a larger audience network.

“Since the day Mr Usta was founded back in 2015, we knew our success hinged on partnerships with key market players,’ concluded Colak. “MAF is an Emirati economic power, and we were happy to see how truly committed they are to the welfare of the country’s small and medium enterprises. This partnership only cements my personal belief that the UAE is truly a country of opportunities for entrepreneurs. We are therefore very optimistic about what the future holds for us, as this relationship and brand synergy continues to flourish over the coming years.”

You can download the Mr Usta app, for both Android and iOS devices.

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