Most UAE residents favour cashless economy: study


Men are more likely than women to hold this view (67% vs 55%)

A large majority of UAE residents (63%) consider it very or fairly positive if their country became cashless, according to a new survey held by international Internet-based market research and data analytics firm YouGov.

Men are more likely than women to hold this view (67% vs 55%). Preference for electronic payment is also higher among high-income households (earning AED25,000+ ($6,800+) monthly) than the rest at 76%.

In general, ever since the Coronavirus pandemic engulfed the country, people seem to prefer going cashless and slightly more than half (52%) claimed to have paid in cash less often since the outbreak. Respondents within the income group of AED10,001- 20,000 were more likely to say this than the rest of the income group members.

However, a small proportion (17%) have paid in cash more often since the outbreak with high-income individuals (AED25,000+) more likely than others to have done so.

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